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Debra offers a variety of services to help you find clarity, clear stuck energy, align you with your higher-self, and connect you with
your power center, vision, and purpose. Scroll down for descriptions and pricing.
Custom healing packages available by request.

 SpiritLightInsight Services Overview

  • Clairvoyant Reading/Healing (90, 60 or 30 minutes available)
  • Personal Empowerment Partnerships (Mentoring program)
  • VIP on the Go (Quick read)
  • Meditation Workshops for Individuals or Businesses
  • Custom Healing Packages
  • Home or Office Healing
  • Chicago-Land Real Estate Services “Real Estate is more than just the home you live in; it’s the life you get out of it!”

 Scroll down for detailed descriptions, scheduling and purchase options.

Clairvoyant Readings


Clairvoyant FAQ's

Your spiritual energy tells a unique story that spans many lifetimes. A clairvoyant reading is a “hello” to the eternal part of you, the spiritual being you are. Readings offer information on where you are growing and changing as well as identifying, and clearing out, energies or programming you are holding on to that keeps you out of alignment with your vision and purpose. Readings guide you to a place of clarity and connection with your inner wisdom. Sessions focus on the question or subject of your choosing however you do not necessarily have to ask a question. For a few reading descriptions or possible areas of focus CLICK HERE.

Readings are held online via the Zoom platform (video and audio options available) or by phone. For more information on what to expect in your reading, answers to frequently asked questions see the FAQ’s HERE.


  • 90 minute in depth reading/healing $250.00
  • 60 minute clairvoyant reading $180.00
  • 30 minute clairvoyant reading $100.00

Schedule on-line: CLICK HERE or contact me at 

Personal Empowerment Partnerships (Mentoring)

Personal Empowerment PackageThe Personal Empowerment Program (PEP for short) is designed for the committed spiritual seeker looking to more fully embody their spiritual essence, strengthen their clairvoyance and release old programming and/or beliefs.The Personal Empowerment Program is a mentoring/coaching program and requires a commitment to meet (online or by phone) for 90 minutes once per week.

As part of the package you receive a reading, energy checks (depending on the number of sessions you choose), and weekly email support. Sessions are personalized to meet your focus and needs and includes learning specific techniques for grounding, running energy, and opening up more fully to your clairvoyant abilities . Single sessions are available ($250.00) however PEP sessions work best as a healing package. They are available in two week or one to three month increments.


  • Single 90 minute session $250.00
  • Two 90 minute sessions $450.00 ($50 off 2 single session purchases)
  • One Month (4 sessions) $850.00 ($150 off 4 single session purchases)

Purchase your single session or package here. Questions? Contact me at

Vip on the Go (Quick read package)


Are you a busy professional or just super busy? Looking for a quick energy read or energy check before a meeting or get together? VIP On the Go readings offer a brief glimpse into the energy you’re currently experiencing while on the go in your day-to-day life.

The VIP On the Go package is good for 5 (five) 15-minute sessions. Take a moment to re-group and re-align with a quick read! (Please note these readings are not recorded and will not go over 15 minutes.)


  • $275.00 for 5 (five) 15 minute sessions

Purchase your package here. Questions? Contact me at


Meditation Workshops for Groups and Businesses
Recent studies from top Universities around the country show that meditation is a proven stress reducer. In fact, companies like Apple, Nike, Google, Intel, Time Warner, General Mills actually have meditation on site for their employees and according to a study in 2013, have seen a 120% increase in mental clarity and productivity.



One study published in Sage Journal’s Psychological Science section states that “mindfulness training improves memory capacity and performance while reducing mind wandering.” Meditation reduces anxiety and improves concentration with just a few days of training.”

Debra will design and teach a meditation workshop around your group or company’s needs and requirements.

Cost: Varies

Contact me at for details.

Custom Healing Packages (By request)


Healing by Request


Is there something you’re looking for but don’t see listed in our services? Everything is energy and Debra is always open to your needs. Custom healing and guidance packages are available upon request and will be tailored to each clients needs.

Cost: Varies

Contact me at if you are interested in creating a healing package.

Home or Office Energy Clearing



An energy clearing is a healing/balancing for your home or office space and can be accomplished either in-person or remotely. This healing clears out and neutralizes any old and lingering energies which may be affecting your comfort and/or productivity in your new or existing home or office. Energy clearings are ideal if you are trying to sell home or for real estate agents having trouble getting a property (particularly estate sales) sold. The cost of a home healing is based on square footage and location.

Prices start at $250.

Contact me at for a quote. (Please note that home clearing services are included when you buy or sell a home with me.)

Chicagoland Real Estate Services

“Real Estate is more than just the home you live in; It’s the life you get out of it.”

Debra is a licensed real estate broker with Baird & Warner in Illinois and takes the Baird & Warner tagline to heart. Debra has used her expertise and spiritual gifts to assist both sellers and buyers in a variety of changing markets since 1984. She is an expert and savvy negotiator who takes care of every detail of your purchase or sale from contract to closing.  Her ultimate goal is a smooth transaction and to give you the very best service in real estate today. CLICK HERE for Debra’s Baird & Warner website or send an email to to inquire about listing and selling your home.

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