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Clairvoyant Debra Taitel

“In a clairvoyant reading, I look at and directly speak to your spirit; the divine being that you are. Acknowledging this part of you validates spirit and creates a powerful, safe space to heal and re-align with your vision and purpose.

In your session, you will receive communication on where you are growing, what you are creating and the energies or programming you are clearing. Sessions help you find clarity as you clear the clutter from those areas you’re feeling stuck

The goal is to fine-tune your energy and give you the space to inhabit more of who you are. When you do this you have clarity and the freedom to choose to move forward in creating the change you desire to transform your life.” 

Shine your light! ~Debra Taitel


Mentoring offerings are for those interested in exploring their natural psychic abilities or deep healing. Choose from:  Clairvoyant Essentials or Personal Empowerment Partnership


Ready to strengthen your spiritual gifts? Meditation is the best way to start! Join a workshop or class to learn new techniques, heal, practice using your psychic abilities and experience the freedom to be who you are.

There’s more:

Clairvoyant Essentials & Mastery Program

NEW! See the world in living color by learning to consciously use your natural psychic abilities and spiritual gifts in your day-to-day life.

Being psychic is more than just reading others. It’s about healing, aligning, and integrating what you sense, see, and know in a practical, creative way for clarity as you journey to fulfill your soul’s purpose. Click here to schedule an info meeting.

Free Guided Meditations

Daily meditation brings a renewed sense of harmony and balance into your life.

Debra offers various guided meditations and workshops designed to help you connect more fully with your natural psychic abilities.

Each meditation offers effective techniques to promote energy release, increase clarity, and align you with your vision and purpose. Click here to listen.

Daily Muse Blog

Daily Muse Blog offers a unique and inspired, clairvoyant look at everyday life.

Each post provides thought provoking messages to inspire, as well as words of wisdom and encouragement.

Also included are meditation tips and general information about astrological or planetary influences that affect your energy. Click here to read more…

For a complete list of services with full descriptions and pricing, please visit the Services and Pricing page