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Guided Meditations Bring Clarity, Balance, and Peace
of Mind to Body, and Spirit.

Debra Taitel of SpiritLightInsight is pleased to offer you access to FREE previously recorded guided meditations.

These meditations offer valuable, life-changing techniques to enlighten, heal, empower, and enhance your spiritual growth.

Awaken and use your natural psychic abilities in each meditation. Meditations are designed for spiritual seekers from the beginner to those who currently have a meditation practice.

While we recognize the many different types of meditation, these meditations have you sitting upright with your feet on the floor.

Enjoy a few moments of peace and transform your life as Debra gently guides you to take charge of your inner world and experience a sacred and joyful space within.

You are welcome to listen, to or download the meditations.

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Featured Recordings

Transforming Chaos to Calm 60-Minute Guided Meditation     
This guided meditation invites you to connect with the part of you that naturally radiates peace and calm as you step out of the chaos and transform the energy of chaos to calm. Listen as Debra gently guides you to “unmatch” the chaos, free your spirit and clear your vision.

Show Me the Money! 60-Minute Guided Meditation
It’s not just about money, this class is all about prosperity and abundance! Would you like to raise your having-ness for money, a relationship, abundance, or anything else you wish for? Sometimes it’s not whether you can create and manifest but your ability to “have” what it is you want.

This meditation will guide you to your true vibration of prosperity and give you techniques on how to raise your having-ness and increase your money flow. (Recorded 2019)

More previously recorded guided meditations

Choose the one that resonates. Feel free to reach out with your questions. Happy transformation!

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