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Clairvoyant Debra Taitel


“In a clairvoyant reading, I look at and directly speak to your eternal spirit; the divine being that you are. Acknowledging your divinity validates spirit and creates a powerful and safe space to heal and re-align with your vision and purpose.

In your session you will receive communication on where you are growing, what you are creating and the energies or programming you are clearing. Sessions are designed to offer clarity by helping you clear the clutter in those areas you’re feeling stuck. The goal is to fine tune your energy and empower you so you can move forward in creating the change you desire to transform your life.”


Shine your light! ~Debra Taitel

Clairvoyant Readings

Readings offer clarity and are individually designed to heal and empower so you can move forward in creating the changes you want to transform your life.

Personal Empowerment

For spiritual seekers interested in deep healing through exploration of clairvoyance, chakras and de-progamming old patterns and beliefs.

Mystic Soul Healing

Mystic Soul Healings are 5-10 minutes long and offer direct communication with your spirit about your goals and where you are on your soul’s chosen path for this lifetime.

There’s more:

Daily Muse Inspirational Blog

Daily Muse Blog offers a unique clairvoyant look at everyday life. Each post provides thought provoking messages to inspire, as well as words of wisdom and encouragement. Also included are meditation tips and general information about astrological or planetary influences that affect your energy.

Free Grounding Meditation

Grounding is one of the most basic and powerful techniques for your growth and expansion as a being. It is the cornerstone of each meditation workshop I teach and something I do every day. Enjoy a few moments of peace as you gently return to center with this free, no obligation, guided meditation.

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