What message are you sending?Today’s healing message is about paying attention to what you put out in the world. You may be sending an unintended message and psychic or not, people will sense how you’re feeling at any given time.

The first and most important thing is to be aware of how you’re feeling at any given time. If you’re not feeling up to par then it’s time to validate and feel good about yourself!

The steps you take each morning help you set the energy for the day. The more you do for yourself that makes you feel good, the more you feel good about yourself and the more empowered you are!

I am fortunate in that I work from home but sometimes I fall into the trap of not “presenting” myself to the world the same as I would if I was meeting someone in person. It’s so easy to sit at my computer in my bathrobe and drink coffee for half the day. Why shower? No one can see me…or smell me. What does it matter anyway? Well I will tell you…It matters A LOT!

It matters because it’s the energy you’re sending out! Do you feel empowered in your bathrobe? Do you feel put together without your make-up? Do you feel clean and ready to greet the world if you haven’t showered or shaved? How you are with yourself and how you feel about yourself is the message you send to the world.

JOB/MONEY: If you’re looking for a job, on the days you don’t have an interview, get up and get yourself dressed as if you had the most important interview of your life. This goes for phone interviews as well. When you FEEL put together you will SOUND put together. Would you like to attract more money? Make sure you FEEL like a millionaire. You don’t have to spend a lot on your wardrobe but you do have to get up each day with purpose. Few people are independently wealthy so arising each day with a set purpose, ready to go to work whether you have a job or not will send a message you’re ready, willing, able and open to receiving a job and/or money flow.

RELATIONSHIP: If you’re looking for a relationship don’t leave the house in your dumpiest clothes and by all means look and feel good about yourself. If you wouldn’t Face-Time or video chat with a new gal or guy the message you are sending is one of ‘don’t look at me’.

This is not to say don’t ever hang out in your sweats with no make-up or un-shaven but there is a valid point here when it comes to the vibration you send out. Take pause if you have ever asked why you don’t have this or that in your life and ask instead what message you’re sending out regarding those things.

What messages are you sending out? If you’re not receiving and attracting what you want and/or need check to see the messages you’re sending out. They might be subtle. They might be not so subtle but what you do each morning can make all the difference in the world!

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