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4 Tips for Living Mindfully in December

December 03, 2013 Author: SpiritLightMuse Category: Giving Back, Living Mindfully  0 Comments

December Mindful Living TipsDecember is the month with parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting and although we want to enjoy this festive time, let’s face it, with the joy of the season comes a great deal of stress. Living mindfully during this time can be challenging if not downright impossible. 

The energy is stirred up as we get caught up in “buying the perfect gift”, deciding how much to spend, or if we even have the extra funds to spend on gifts. There is a lot of stress and fear around money. Then there’s the family or friends drama that we sometimes PRE worry about. Again this comes down to fear of something that happened in the past.

Let us also not forget the resistance whether conscious or unconscious that comes up WHILE we’re putting on the face of enjoying ourselves. It’s no wonder we eat and drink too much while “celebrating”! click here to read the tips

How to Replenish and RejuvenateYourself!

November 24, 2013 Author: SpiritLightMuse Category: Healing Messages, Living Mindfully, Replenish  0 Comments

Rejuvinate Your SpiritToday’s Healing Message: Replenish to rejuvenate mind, body spirit and soul!

When was the last time you replenished? Do you schedule time for yourself each day to revive and rejuvenate your precious energy? In a world where we tend to schedule every minute of our lives many have become stressed out, exhausted and depleted. We also spend a lot of time “letting go” and less time (if any) filling up. But wait, click here to read more!