Personal Empowerment Partnerships (PEP)

Mentoring partnerships for your next step


Personal Empowerment Partnerships are one-to-one spiritual mentoring partnerships to enhance your growth and development. Sessions are uniquely created to empower your journey, and expand your clairvoyant (and other psychic) abilities in order to give you a greater understanding of what it really means to “be who you are”.

Extended partnerships (one month or longer) include, but are not limited to, exploration and information about the 7 major Chakras, working with spirit guides, and learning to trust your wisdom and intuition in order to create space for change and transformation. You’ll gain insight to further see how the health of your spiritual space effects what is happening in your life. Sessions are designed for the purpose of bringing the whole self (mind, body and spirit) into alignment with your vision and purpose.

PEP sessions are specifically for the committed spiritual seeker looking to more fully embody their spiritual essence. The PEP mentoring program offers a safe space to explore, learn new practices, expand perspective and, as a result, create a more harmonious life in alignment with your vision and purpose. Your commitment will breathe new life into your journey as you specifically expand clairvoyant abilities, release old programming, and clear stuck energy and/or limiting beliefs.

Note: The Personal Empowerment Program is a mentoring/coaching program and requires a commitment to run your energy daily and meet (online or by phone) for 90 minutes once per week. PEP mentoring is a great option for those looking to create profound and lasting change in their personal and professional lives.

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Your first PEP session will be a 90 minute reading* for the purpose of reconnecting you to your spiritual energy and abilities. The reading, in fact, is the space where we begin the alignment process. We will also take a few moments to ground your intention, goals and vision for future sessions.

In the second PEP session and beyond we start with an open conversation to clarify your experience over the week. Generally speaking this allows you to select and fine tune your focus before we continue. Then I hold space, share new practices to help you grow and guide you through deep self-exploration.  As a result you more fully align with spirit, increase awareness and connect with your wisdom and intuition to fine-tune your vision.

*Information provided is for two or more PEP sessions. Single PEP sessions are available for those who have completed a two week or longer program. PEP sessions are tailored to meet the needs of the individual in present-time. In other words your commitment and focus guides each session.

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As part of the PEP package you receive a reading, an energy check* (*does not apply to single session purchase.), email or text support, and automatic enrollment in any meditation workshop offered during our partnership agreement. Sessions are personalized to meet your focus and needs and include learning specific techniques for grounding, running energy, and opening up more fully to your clairvoyant abilities . Single sessions are available ($250.00) however PEP sessions work best as a healing package of two weeks or more. Sessions are offered in two week, one, two or three month increments.

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All sessions are:

  • Personal, private and confidential.
  • Digitally recorded (if you choose). A link to download the recording of your session will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your session.
  • Scheduled in advance.
  • Sessions are held on the Zoom conferencing platform (video and audio options available.) Please note that in spirit there is no time or space so it is not necessary for me to physically see you or be in the same room. Whichever method of communication you prefer is fine.
  • Extended sessions are scheduled once a week for 90 minutes and are designed to be used within in the timeframe stated. i.e. 2 week PEP=once a week for two weeks, 4 weeks=once a week for four weeks etc.

If you have questions about PEP or would like more information, feel free to reach out to me on the contact page or send an email to:

Invest in you...
  • Single 90 minute session $250.00
  • Two 90 minute sessions $450.00 ($50 off 2 single session purchases)
  • One Month (4 sessions) $850.00 ($150 off 4 single session purchases)
  • Two Months (8 sessions) $1650.00 (Payment options available)

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Our services are not intended as a replacement for medical attention.
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