AURA: In this reading I look at the energy field that surrounds you, what you are creating and any energies, concepts or programming that are not your truth. You may be letting go of old energy or pain and communication aids in the release. This validates your growth as spirit, allowing you to create from your truth and shine even more brightly in this world.

PAST LIFE/KARMA: Who you were, what you learned and the decisions (and/or commitments) you made in your past lives can have a direct impact on your life today. In this reading you will gain insight on how the past life experiences you are accessing in the present affect your current growth.

LOVE LIFE/RELATIONSHIPS: Whether you are looking for the love of your life or relationship of your dreams, you can make a space for it! Energies may be interfering with or blocking your ability to bring your desired relationship into your life. This reading is about relating and can also be focused on your relationship to money or any other subject of your choosing. 

WEIGHT LOSS: Body weight is all about energy! There are many reasons for holding on to or not being able to lose weight. You may be a healer and at some level protecting yourself. You could be carrying emotional pain you are covering up. Each one of us may have one or more energies effecting our ability to lose weight and/or keep it off. This reading gives communication about those various energies.

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