055 “I am really impressed by the depth of Deb’s reading for me, nothing felt left out about any of my concerns, even those I didn’t quite know I had! There is enough material for many good days of contemplation. In addition I felt immensely uplifted by her energy, which was supportive, loving and deeply intuitive. I highly recommend Debra!”~Ricci (Florida) 

“Your reading was life changing, you laid out my entire life and saw dark energy, fears, and guilt I have been carrying around for years. I have since listened to the recording many times…its been eye opening. Which has been an incredibly positive experience. The reason I am writing is to thank you, in one afternoon you help me to wake up, now I am facing my issues learning to finally let them go. Words cannot express my gratitude.”~Adele (Chicago)

“Debbie, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. It’s clear you have a profound understanding of what it really means to be a healer, a teacher, a guide. I’m grateful not just for the way you quickly identify the “problem”, but more because you immediately turn toward, and focus entirely on, the “answer”. It’s so liberating! You refuse to see me as anything less than the whole, perfect, divine being I really am, and I’m sure you know it’s helped me see myself that way more too. You’ve done more for me than just “read” me or “heal” me. You’ve given me tools, insight and encouragement to do so, for myself, by myself. Much love and gratitude!”~Jessica Smith (Mississippi) 

“Just a note to say thank you for the wonderful reading this Sunday! No words can describe my gratitude, as it comes from the absolute of my being, and something only laughs or tears can relay-which, despite all available emoticons these days, email cannot suffice! So, I must rely on the triteness of “thank you,” to express the appreciation inside of me to you. Thank you!”~ Kasi (Chicago)              

“Debbie did not ask me to write this review, I just feel compelled to share it. I received a reading from Debbie that was very healing. She gave me so much insight on aspects of myself that I had not been facing for a while. As she was telling me what she was seeing my body began to vibrate. I could feel stuck energy beginning to move, energy that has been stagnant for quiet a while. She intuited new insights and information on this issue. What she communicated was just what I needed to move on. And all I had to do was say my name. I came in with two questions that I didn’t need to ask. The answers came up from what Debbie was intuiting. I walk away from this experience with more knowledge and courage than before. I feel affirmed, capable and inspired to make what I want happen more than ever. I look forward to discovering and creating from this inspired place I am in after Debbie’s reading.”~Jack (Chicago) 

“Hello Debbie ~ I thank you so much for your beautiful, soothing, enlightening and effective healing. Not only are you precise in your visions, but the love you feel for humanity shines bright. It was very wonderful to have light shed upon my source of disturbances and I look forward to the further releasing of them through methods you shared with me. In fact I have begun….You are blessed with a special gift and I feel privileged to have been able to have this session with you. Bless you.” ~ Julie (Dallas, Texas)

“Hi Debbie, It was great hearing from you at the beginning of the month.  This year is off to a great start!  But boy are things moving fast.  We move in a couple months. I wanted to thank you so much for the house reading.  I felt confident about our move, but was so busy getting the house ready that I forgot to breath.  This showed in how I  felt in our house.  When you came and got the energy moving, it felt great again.  I was able to enjoy being in our house while we were selling it and it sold in 4 weeks! I would do it again, not for only selling a house but for being in the next house.  It was so amazing and I feel grateful for having met you!  You are a light!”~Laura (Oak Park)